Banking & Financial Services

Investment Banking & Brokerage

Investment Banking & Brokerage continues to be transformed by technological innovations including those in the areas of cloud, mobility and big data. While these innovations present opportunities, capital market  organizations are also faced with tremendous business challenges including constantly changing business dynamics, geopolitical uncertainty, risk and compliance issues as well as cost pressures.

We have developed a deep knowledge base and extensive experience in Capital Markets. We provide creative solutions supporting several clients globally across a wide spectrum of their needs. Our team of experts understand your needs and challenges, and partner with you to develop tailored solutions to address your challenges.

Key Investment Banking & Brokerage Areas Supported

  • Front office
    • Client & exchange Connectivity
    • Client Management
    • e-Trading
    • Order Management
    • Trade Capture & Execution
  • Middle & Back office
    • Position Management
    • Clearing & Settlement
    • P&L Reporting & Control
    • Market & Credit Risk Management
    • Margin & Collateral Management
    • Reconciliation
    • Reference Data management
    • Trade Matching & Confirmation
  • Regulatory and Compliance
    • Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC, Basel II, MiFiD, SEPA, GLB, SEC and SRO
  • Risk Management
    • Credit Risks, Operational Risks and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Investment Management
    • Wealth and Asset Management, Mutual Funds, Investment Advisory, Private Banking and Trust Funds

Retail & Wholesale Banking

Digital banking, regulatory compliance and the mobile web are changing banking and financial services every day. We know the innovative technologies you need to meet the needs of the ever-evolving digital consumer, the cloud applications that will make life easier, and the domain expertise that will allow agile responses. We can show you the strategies and technologies that will help you keep up, keep customers happy, and keep a steady stream of new banking customers coming your way.

Key Retail & Wholesale Banking Areas Supported

  • Branch Banking
  • Core Banking
  • Customer Analytics
  • Digital Banking
  • Commercial Lending
  • Payment Services
  • Trade Finance
  • Treasury & Cash Management Services